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How to Personalize Your Office With Fine Art

You may not think that decorating your office is all that important; after all, they’re paying you to work, not act like an interior decorator putting up canvas oil paintings on the wall, aren’t they?

Decorating your office space with a few pieces of fine art can actually help you in your work. It can calm you. Art can make you feel better. It can inspire you.

So, go ahead. Liven up your work space with art! Here are some tips to help you do so.


First of all, try to come up with a scheme. That is, aim to focus your décor around just a handful of colors and then bring in small items of different colors (accents) to give your office some interest.

Why not display a few small art objects, such as decorative glass or small statues?

If you don’t have the budget for fine art, why not frame a small hand-drawn greeting card you love, or art or photos from a favorite calendar? You can place these small frames on window sills, on filing cabinets or on your bookshelves.

Discovery Huge Large Abstract Art Painting Id80
Discovery Huge Large Abstract Art Painting Id80

You can choose art that will help your furniture “pop.” If you have black and white furniture, for example, pick a black and white photo you like and frame it in a black frame. Add a bright red glass blown vase nearby and watch your art — and your furniture — pop!

Don’t forget the floor. Why not find a small Oriental rug at a thrift or antiques store and place it on your floor, or even your wall?

In addition to any canvas oil paintings you may want to place on your walls, don’t forget wall hangings made of metalwork, wood or even synthetics. Decorative wall monuments, sconces and other pieces will stand out and have a great impact on your environment.

Remember, if you don’t like the way your work space looks once you’re done, you always can take everything out and work in a bare walled space. Chances are, however, that once you’re done decorating your office, you’ll wonder how you ever worked in such a “spare” environment before!

This article was written by Aaron Garcia. Aaron enjoys all types of fine art including paintings, sculptures, and blown glass. He spends much of his time perusing fine art galleries in Scottsdale, AZ and regularly participates in the Scottsdale Art Walk. Read the disclaimer…